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The Design studio was established in 1983 in London

Designers Frank Andrew and Jeremy Harvey were until 2009 the driving force behind Axis Design Europe. The design studio, which was established in 1983 in London, was specialised in areas such as interior and product design. Both Andrew and Harvey have remained active as (interior) designers.


Products by this designer

  • Toro W

    From€ 294,00

    Brochure stand Toro W forms part of the Toro series, designed by the English bureau Axis Design. Distinctive features of the products in this series are the elegant design and functional accents. Various brochure holders can be attached to the Toro W. Three are supplied as standard.

    by Axis Design Europe
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  • Toro G

    From€ 416,00

    Toro G really sets the scene in entrances, offices and waiting rooms. This elegantly shaped coat stand with playful, functional accents won an iF Design Award. The clear lacquered beech knobs form a striking contrast with the dark epoxy coated steel tubes and ring. Available in black, dark grey, dark green and dark blue.

    by Axis Design Europe
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