van Esch coat stand Dodici


van Esch designer James Irvine

Designed by James Irvine

The coat stand Dodici makes a powerful statement. The design of British designer James Irvine may look light, but when used the metal stand is a real heavyweight when it comes to stability. And that is surprising as the twelve hooks seem to have been folded like cardboard. The name of the design refers to the number of hooks: dodici is Italian for twelve. The coat stand is available in several colours.

€ 550.00


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van Esch coat stand Dodici
DodiciFrom€ 550.00

Available colors


  • Column:

    Epoxy coated steel

Additional information

  • EAN-code:


  • Hooks:


  • Dimensions:

    42cm x 180cm x 42cm

  • Weight:


Delivery in
1 week

€ 550.00


(excl. VAT)

van Esch coat stand Dodici

Dodici feels at home anywhere

Business or pleasure?

Business or pleasure? Dodici blends in effortlessly. This cloakroom stand feels at home anywhere.

van Esch coat stand Dodici

Like folded cardboard

Don't be deceived by Dodici. Although the 12 hooks appear to be folded from cardboard, the coat rack is very stable and suitable for intensive use.

van Esch coat stand Dodici

Pure craftsmanship

Dodici exudes craftsmanship: every coat stand is welded by hand in our own factory in Goirle.  

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