van Esch mirror Liston


van Esch designer Pelikan & Co

Designed by Pelikan & Co

It is not the mirror itself, but the frame that makes the mirror. That much is clear from the Liston mirror designed by Danish bureau Pelikan & Co. With the scarcely noticeable frame the mirror blends in effortless with its surroundings. This feel is emphasized by the mirror and frame forming a single surface. Liston is available in various sizes, ranging from 50 x 50 to 100 x 200 centimetres.

€ 461,00


(excl. VAT)

€ 557,81


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4 weeks


Liston 50 x 50cm

  • Liston 50 x 50cm

  • Liston 50 x 70cm

  • Liston 50 x 100cm

  • Liston 50 x 120cm

  • Liston 50 x 150cm

  • Liston 50 x 200cm

  • Liston 60 x 60cm

  • Liston 60 x 80cm

  • Liston 60 x 140cm

  • Liston 60 x 180cm

  • Liston 60 x 200cm

  • Liston 70 x 70cm

  • Liston 70 x 90cm

  • Liston 70 x 120cm

  • Liston 70 x 160cm

  • Liston 70 x 200cm

  • Liston 80 x 80cm

  • Liston 80 x 100cm

  • Liston 80 x 140cm

  • Liston 80 x 160cm

  • Liston 80 x 200cm

  • Liston 90 x 90cm

  • Liston 90 x 120cm

  • Liston 90 x 160cm

  • Liston 90 x 200cm

  • Liston 100 x 100cm

  • Liston 100 x 140cm

  • Liston 100 x 180cm

  • Liston 100 x 200cm


  • Frame:

    profile in natural anodised aluminium

Additional information

  • EAN-code:


  • Dimensions:

    50cm x 50cm x 6cm

  • Weight:


Delivery in
4 weeks

€ 557,81


(incl. VAT)

€ 461,00


(excl. VAT)

van Esch mirror Liston

Liston adapts

Horizontal or vertical? Big or small?

Select the size that fits your space - varying from 50 by 50 to 100 by 200 cm – and decide for yourself if the mirror should be hung horizontally or vertically.

van Esch mirror Liston

Optical illusion

The ‘raised’ rear separates the Liston from the wall. This makes it appear as though the mirror is floating.

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