van Esch display cabinet Stolp low


van Esch designer Carolina Wilcke

Designed by Carolina Wilcke

Make an industrial statement with the Stolp display cabinet. The cool design by designer Carolina Wilcke exudes quality, without detracting from the contents. The display cabinet of glass and powder-coated aluminium is equipped with built-in LED spots and height-adjustable shelves.

€ 3.297,00


(excl. VAT)

€ 3.989,37


(incl. VAT)

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van Esch display cabinet Stolp Low
Stolp LowFrom€ 3.297,00
van Esch display cabinet Stolp High
Stolp HighFrom€ 3.834,00


  • Profiles:

    in black textured finish epoxy coated aluminium

  • Glass:

    5 mm thoughened glass

  • Doors:

    2 doors, with or without cylinder locks

  • Plinth, shelves and top panel:

    in black 18/19mm melamine coated chipboard

  • LEDlighting:

    in the top panel and shelves

Additional information

  • EAN-code:


  • Shelves:


  • Dimensions:

    145cm x 92cm x 45cm

  • Weight:


Files for Stolp

Stolp Low Manual (pdf)Stolp High Manual (pdf)

Delivery in
4 weeks

€ 3.989,37


(incl. VAT)

€ 3.297,00


(excl. VAT)

Stolp High

Reach for the skies with Stolp High

Need more space?

Stolp High lives up to its name. This display cabinet is no less than 181 cm tall. Ideal if you need more space.

Stolp Detail 3 3000X4006

Behind lock and key

Want to store things securely? Stolp has an optional cylinder lock.

van Esch display cabinet Stolp

Optical illusion

Stolp has a space between the shelf and the glass, which creates the illusion that the shelves are floating.

van Esch display cabinet Stolp

Perfect match

The thick hardened glass and powder coated aluminium complement each other perfectly.

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