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van Esch designer Kaschkasch

Designed by Kaschkasch

The Tangram umbrella stand is full of surprises. The smart, graphic design fits precisely into a 90-degree corner and so takes up hardly any space. Above all, the geometric shape invites you to combine different umbrella stands. The name Tangram refers to the famous Chinese puzzle that you can create an infinite number of shapes with. Combine two, three or more umbrella stands with each other and create your own puzzle solution.

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Tangram Black
TangramFrom€ 148,00

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  • Frame:

    in epoxy coated steel

  • Drip tray:

    with rubber mat

Additional information

  • EAN-code:


  • Umbrellas:


  • Dimensions:

    33cm x 65cm x 17cm

  • Weight:


Delivery in
1 week

€ 179,08


(incl. VAT)

€ 148,00


(excl. VAT)

Tangram White 3

In the corner

Need to save space? Leave that to the Tangram. The compact umbrella stand fits precisely into a 90-degree corner.

Tangram White 5

Umbrellas and more

Use the Tangram the way you want. Hang smaller umbrellas over the corners or use the umbrella stand for storing tennis rackets and hockey sticks tidily.

Tangram Black 3

Chinese puzzle

The name Tangram refers to the Chinese puzzle that you can create an infinite number of shapes with. Combine two or more umbrella stands with each other and create your own puzzle solution.

Tangram Black And White 2


Tangram is equipped with a rubber mat. So, the umbrellas stay where they have been put and any rainwater is collected.

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