van Esch brochure stand Toro W

Toro W

van Esch designer Frank Andrew

Designed by Axis Design Europe

Brochure stand Toro W forms part of the Toro series, designed by the English bureau Axis Design. Distinctive features of the products in this series are the elegant design and functional accents. Various brochure holders can be attached to the Toro W. Three are supplied as standard.

€ 275.00


(excl. VAT)

Delivery in
4 weeks


van Esch brochure stand Toro W
Toro WFrom€ 275.00

Available colors


  • Frame:

    in textured finish epoxy coated steel

  • Brochure holders:

    in metallic grey epoxy coated aluminium

Additional information

  • EAN-code:


  • Brochure holders:


  • Dimensions:

    29cm x 110cm x 20cm

  • Weight:


Files for Toro W

Toro W Montagehandeleiding (pdf)

Delivery in
4 weeks

€ 275.00


(excl. VAT)

van Esch brochure stand Toro W

Put it down

The attractive ledges fit into the Toro W’s 10 grooves. You can play with the height of the brochure holders to your heart’s content.

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