By Geckeler Michels


By Geckeler Michels

Van Esch was founded 50 years ago, and we are celebrating this with the HJW coat stand. An ode to van Esch founder Hendricus Johannes Wilhelmus van Esch (1928 – 2020), also known as HJW. The elegant three-legged design by design duo GECKELER MICHELS embodies the history and craftsmanship of the family firm. The three powder-coated steel legs represent the three generations of van Esch. 

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Steady on its legs

HJW is elegant but is still very steady on its three legs. Hendrik Jan Willem’s initials are incorporated subtly on every leg. 


HJW van Esch originally trained as a silversmith and started van Esch as a metalworking company. The ‘intersection’ where the three steel legs meet is a tribute to his craftsmanship and eye for detail. The three legs are provided with connection plates that hook solidly together. A recycled plastic cover conceals the connection.


The three legs each have a handy notch at the top, creating two hooks for hanging coats. Hang coats from them or combine the HJW with van Esch coat hangers like Tubulus 80 and Grip. 

Sustainable design

From the indestructible design to the local production and efficient packaging: with HJW you embrace sustainability. The coat stand scintillates with simplicity. No fuss, but back to the essence of design with economical use of material as the basis. The result is a classical and almost indestructible product. HJW is manufactured in our own factory in Goirle and then flat-packed for shipping.


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