Coat racks

  1. New
    by Michel Charlot
    From € 62,92 € 52,00

    Elegance can be this simple. The wall-mounted coat rack Just lives up to its name. Michel Charlot’s design scintillates in simplicity and flexibility. Just comprises powder-coated aluminium section and moveable plastic hooks that stylishly hide screws and seams from view. Available in three standard sizes. Looking for a different width? Create a customised Just.

  2. HJW
    by Geckeler Michels
    From € 308,55 € 255,00

    Van Esch was founded 50 years ago, and we are celebrating this with the HJW coat stand. An ode to van Esch founder Hendricus Johannes Wilhelmus van Esch (1928 – 2020), also known as HJW. The elegant three-legged design by design duo GECKELER MICHELS embodies the history and craftsmanship of the family firm. The three powder-coated steel legs represent the three generations of van Esch. 

  3. Forest for the Trees
    by Ineke Hans
    From € 1.813,79 € 1.499,00

    Make a statement in the hall or reception with Forest for the Trees. The striking powder-coated metal coat stand by Ineke Hans. Solitary or as a clump: Forest for the Trees is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

  4. Sticks HJH
    by Mia Lagerman & Ehlén Johansson
    From € 99,22 € 82,00 Regular Price € 198,44

    What makes the Sticks series of coat racks so unique is the combination of white plastic and oak wood. However, for designers Mia Gammelgaard and Ehlén Johansson the driving force behind the Sticks series are the plastic hooks that can be attached in all sorts of ways. The wall coat rack Sticks HJH is as standard available in three lengths.

  5. Sticks G
    by Mia Lagerman & Ehlén Johansson
    € 404,14 € 334,00

    What makes the Sticks series of coat stands so unique is the combination of plastic, aluminium and oak wood. Coat stand Sticks G combines an oak column with a splendid white aluminium crown sporting five plastic double hooks.

  6. Slide G Wood
    by DUMoffice
    From € 404,14 € 334,00

    Slide G, one of our most popular coat stands, embellishes any entrance. And now this iconic coat stand does it in a beautiful new edition too. Slide G Wood combines a column of oak with a white steel foot and plastic hooks.

  7. Frame W vE9311 zwart
    by Kaschkasch
    € 203,28 € 168,00

    A wall-mounted coatrack the likes of which you have never seen before: the Frame W’s clean play of lines is a real eye-catcher. The graphic powder-coated wall-mounted coatrack frames jackets and other garments with a bold border. Combine the design by the design duo kaschkasch with the other products from the Frame family.

  8. Frame DV
    by Kaschkasch
    From € 434,39 € 359,00

    Is it a cloakroom? Is it a mirror? Is it a partition wall? No, it is Frame. A smart coatrack with many faces. Combine the graphic design of the design duo kasch kasch with corresponding notice board, mirror or panel and style every space to your needs.

  9. Butler
    by Frans de la Haye
    From € 434,39 € 359,00

    The coat rack Butler understands about hanging your coat in style. The design by designer Frans de la Haye is eye-catching thanks to its strong, minimalist styling. Extra handy: the racks are telescopic. Give it the finishing touch with corresponding hooks and the base plate for bags and shoes.

  10. Krok HJH 30-60-90
    by Mia Lagerman & Ehlén Johansson
    From € 71,39 € 59,00

    The Krok series of coat hooks excels in simplicity. The three wall mounted coat racks Krok HJH 30, 60 and 90 have two, five or eight high-quality plastic double hooks. The rigid steel wall plate can be mounted to a timber, brick or concrete wall with the two screws supplied, which are the same colour as the wall plate.

  11. Krok Box
    by Mia Lagerman & Ehlén Johansson
    From € 229,90 € 190,00

    The Krok series of coat hooks excels in simplicity. Designers Mia Lagerman & Ehlén Johansson have reduced the design to its very essence. Krok Box is a smart wall mounted coat rack and storage box in one. The powder-coated steel box with plastic hooks offers useful extra space for items such as keys and mail. Krok Box can be mounted on timber, brick or concrete with the two black screws supplied. Available in seven colours.

  12. Krok G
    by Mia Lagerman & Ehlén Johansson
    From € 281,93 € 233,00

    The Krok series of coat racks excels in simplicity. The designers Mia Lagerman & Ehlén Johansson have stripped the design to its bare essentials. Krok G is a streamlined cloakroom stand with 5 double plastic hooks. The crown and foot in cast aluminium are finished with a textured coating. The Krok G+ also has an umbrella holder. Available in seven colours.